it’s not so bad


I get it. It’s cold. And snowy. And icy. It sucks.

Okay now that we have established that can we just take a second to see how pretty it is. Yesterday I watched feathery snowflakes sift passed our bedroom window. The cats were laid out on the bed and the view outside was charming. I chose to walk to work last week cause I figured it was better than driving downtown on slick roads to drop off and pick up Mark. It proved to be good for my soul to experience winter in it’s fullest. It will also make those first warm days of spring that much sweeter.






Hibernation Oufit

It’s back up to 40º here but man was it cold last week! I celebrated my three day weekend on the couch, covered in blankets, with a hot cup of coffee. Despite basically hibernating inside for three days I still managed to put on “hard pants” and catch up on some housework. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of staying in my pajamas all day. Throwing on a pair of jeans and taking the time to somewhat fix my hair has always done me good. I just feel more motivated.

Rockford Red Heel Socks

Hand made Scarf

Oval Hoop Earrings

Ohio ‘Til I Die Crew Neck – Tigertree
Striped Ralph Lauren Top – Macy’s (on like super duper sale)
Black High Waisted Jeans – H&M
Rockford Red Heel Socks – Tigertree (these are incredible!)
Crocheted Scarf – Handmade from Sara!
Oval Hoop Earrings – Autumn Equinox
Library Candle – Tigertree

twenty fourteen

Year of the Cat

It’s only been three days. But I’m feeling really good about 2014. Really good.

We welcomed in the year at our friend Monkee’s annual Glitter & Doom party. Each year they construct a ball to lower from their two story home. The first year was a glittery sphere of decent size which Monkee lowered in a silk robe (I remember it being unseasonably warm that year). Each year the ball has gotten bigger and brighter. This year though, man did they over do themselves. Hovering high above us was a metal reconstruction of their cat Netflix. Pieces of metal welded together, painted and covered with furry cloth. It was a masterpiece. And as if this was not enough there was also beams of light shooting out of it’s eyes and fog coming from it’s mouth. Take that Times Square.

2014 Dancing

We danced the night away and when we were all too exhausted to go on we filled ourselves with gas station subs and went to bed. Friends slept on our couch and living room floor. Morning came and I was giddy with the idea of whipping up a big ol’ breakfast. The kind that sustains you until dinner. I feared that everyone would awake in my breakfast-making haste and apologize for having you get on with their day. But instead there were no plans made and we all lazily gathered around a beautiful spread of eggs, bacon, toast, oranges, and tiny donuts. The feeling of a whole day with no obligations is one that I cherish most. It was the perfect way to start the year.

New Years Breakfast

Jesse and Fran

Happy ThanksHanukkah!


Nope, not Jewish. But this year I have been studiously reading up on Hanukkah since it’s falling on Thanksgiving. I even made this Salted Fig Challah from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook. It was okay.

Just kidding!! It was incredible. I delivered it to my bosses and our half Jewish part-timer and managed to steal a hunk off before leaving. Now each year I will look forward to Hanukkah and to making this delectable braid of dough every year.

Goodbye Summer



Today it snowed. The mixture of rain melted it instantly but still… where has this year gone?!

These Labor Day dinner photos are long over due. Mark treated us to a table full of grilled goodness and Tasha and I whipped up this cocktail.

Amoretto Sweet with Plum – to be honest it’s been so long that I can not remember what we put in here but it was something like this.
• Smush plum wedges with ice and simple syrup in the bottom of a pitcher
• Add amoretto and I think whisky (cause that is usually our drink of choice but use rum if that’s your thing) until there is enough
• Fill the remainder of the space with club soda

Then adjust any of the ingredients to taste. Okay that is a terribly vague recipe but this cocktail was amazing so I really think it’s worth giving it a shot.

Autumn to do listSummer flew by! I’m almost not ready for falling leaves and closed pools. The years have taught me though that seasons are not a choice. It’s best to just embrace the change and gracefully move with it. I’m hoping this season will bring:

* More late night walks/talks with Mark
* A pumpkin carving party – and pie made from the scraps
* Productivity along with finished projects (the fun kind)
* More accessorizing with jewelry

feigning autumn





This would be the fifth annual apple picking trip (and probably the fifth blog post about it). The details remain the same as years past.

We made the trip a little early, inspired by bouts of cooler weather. Yet we chose was a hot steamy day to embark. Like years past, my fingers get greedy and before I know it my bag is full. Like so full I can barely carry it and apples are spilling out and maybe I have to borrow someone else’s bag. How do people refrain from picking ALL the apples!?

As I write, the smell of cooked apples gets stronger (recipes coming soon). It smells like autumn in here. But there are still a couple of weeks left of summer and I’m glad. There are still things to be crossed off before the leaves fall.



Summer is not complete without a corn dog, funnel cake, & lemonade shake-up meal plan, followed by paying to be hoisted hundreds of feet in the air by creaky metal parts. Every year I try to force Mark into taking me to the State Fair and every year he refuses. So I was thrilled when Jesse volunteered herself to my day of stomachache inducing, manure smelling fun.

it. was. great.










sunshine tea


A pitcher of sunshine tea brewing on our porch was a fixture of my childhood. We made it with sugar and I would split a whole batch with my Dad. I remember visiting a friend’s where they made it on the stove top. It tasted just fine but it wasn’t the same. The recipe is simple: squeeze about 1/4 cup honey into bottom of pitcher. Fill with cold water. Steep 6-8 bags of tea on top and set in the sun. Stir and pour over ice. Nothing says summer more to me than this.




summer to do list

• cook more – using food from our garden and the farmer’s market
• explore a new part of Ohio with friends
• throw fantastic back yard parties
• get some use out of our tent
• train for a marathon (WHAAA!? more on that later)