A few photos from my birthday – months later. The day before was spent with friends where we learned that yes, you can order too much pizza and that this chocolate chip cookie recipe is really the best. The next day Mark and I spent the whole day doing whatever I wanted: Oakland Nursery, lunch at The Crest, a walk on along the river, a nap, and a trip to my favorite sewing store. There was even mystery macaroons left at my door by someone with notoriously bad hand writing.


oh geez

Life got busy so here is another oh-geez-i-got-behind-on-my-blog post.

My beautiful in-laws came to visit from Florida and weathered some really awful er.. weather to hang out with us and to take me to an Eagles concert. They are great and I am beyond lucky to have gotten such wonderful bonus parents.

Nanny celebrated another birthday and is still the most strikingly graceful women I have ever met.

My dad turned 60 and I forgot to take a picture! But please don’t let that reflect poorly on him because he is just the greatest. I told him after the birthday celebration that I look forward to the next 60 with him.

Our cats are still jerks.

And most importantly my best friend had her baby! I could just burst with happiness when I’m around them.

sous chef

Table Setting

A year and a half ago I practically forced Mark to quit his current job in retail and to take a somewhat drunken offer to cook at a lunch spot downtown. He was miserable at his job and despite his lack of experience cooking professionally I knew that his love for it would be enough. I was right. Last week he was promoted to Sous Chef at one of the busiest restaurants in the city. So we celebrated.

Pouring Vinegar
(photo taken by our friend Jesse Mesenburg)

Bread & cheese, sausage, porterhouse, an especially tiny poussin, little potatoes, wine, and Oreos (I forgot to make dessert). I unpacked Mark’s Mom’s toile dishes, my Great Grandmothers silverware, and Nanny’s silver pitcher.* The dinner and company was beautiful. Even the abandoned mess once the friends were gone looked photogenic.


tiny poussin


after dinner mess

*Another goal of mine this year is to use more of our wonderful table service.

let’s catch up

There are just too many things that I haven’t gotten around to creating full posts of. So let’s just do a quick catch up.

If you spread anything between crepes and stack until cake sized it will be amazing. This one was a blueberry and honey cream crepe cake for my sweet Jesse’s birthday.

It’s hard to get up when this is happening.

My mother reading a story to Fran. (She will try to tell you otherwise but don’t listen, she is reading a book to a cat.)

Marathon Champ
I ran a marathon!! Okay maybe I’ll elaborate on that one later.

one year

(photo by our friend Jesse Mesenburg)

Our first year of marriage slipped by quietly. After being together five years I wondered if marriage would really change much. If asked by a friends or strangers I would say that it hasn’t but there are little things. We fight less, cause what’s the point. Am I really going to walk out the door forever? No of course not. We feel more like our own family, creating our own traditions and making tough decisions together cause they will most certainly effect both of us. I guess the thing that I didn’t expect and enjoy the most is that although we are most certainly partners we each have and respect our own individual lives. There is little bickering about money or how we spend our time. We have the same goals and we understand that we each need hobbies and time for ourselves.

Mark wittles away at his miniatures (what a nerd!) while I pound away on this blog (what a hipster!) and every once in a while we interrupt each other with a story or idea. It’s peaceful.

Anniversary gift wrapping

Flower recipe book

For our first (paper) anniversary Mark got me a beautiful Flower Recipe Book wrapped tightly in brown paper and garnished with herbs. I got him a lifetime subscription to Bon Appetite, mostly because they do that automatic renewal thing that is too much of a hassle to ever cancel. We spent the weekend in Indiana for our friends gorgeous wedding and danced until it hurt. One year was good. I’m sure two will be even better.

feigning autumn





This would be the fifth annual apple picking trip (and probably the fifth blog post about it). The details remain the same as years past.

We made the trip a little early, inspired by bouts of cooler weather. Yet we chose was a hot steamy day to embark. Like years past, my fingers get greedy and before I know it my bag is full. Like so full I can barely carry it and apples are spilling out and maybe I have to borrow someone else’s bag. How do people refrain from picking ALL the apples!?

As I write, the smell of cooked apples gets stronger (recipes coming soon). It smells like autumn in here. But there are still a couple of weeks left of summer and I’m glad. There are still things to be crossed off before the leaves fall.

this and that

Our finicky Mary got pretty sick and gave us a good scare. | She is feeling better now though and is starting to get back to her crabby self.

Said bye to our friend Anna who is heading off to Grad School. Can’t wait to go visit her! | Who knew that basketballs are a babies best friend.

Mama Sue came to visit and we spent a beautiful day walking the zoo (maybe not the best idea after running 13 miles) | Taken to eating lunch at the nearby park. It makes my packed lunch seam a lot fancier.

Balloon Toss competition at our friends birthday party (Mark almost won – almost doesn’t count). | There was also a dangerously large fire and I realized that I have become a total mom cause it scared the crap out of me.

Mark hates selfies. | This girl can’t get enough.

camp 2013 – in polaroids


My mother is the oldest of six, all girls. They were raised in upstate New York (like WAY upstate) on a farm and then scattered across the country, going to college, getting married, and having children. After a successful camping trip my aunt came up with the brilliant idea to make it an annual tradition. Since I was born I have been making the journey each summer to a cabin in the woods to spend a week with my very large family. I’ve missed a few years here and there and regret each of them.

This year I wanted to capture camp with a new lens. Being a believer that no digital camera could ever replace the beauty of film I snapped this years experience with my Polaroid 300.








I also inherited my Grandfather’s 35mm Olympia while there and I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning my way around a manual camera.