A few photos from my birthday – months later. The day before was spent with friends where we learned that yes, you can order too much pizza and that this chocolate chip cookie recipe is really the best. The next day Mark and I spent the whole day doing whatever I wanted: Oakland Nursery, lunch at The Crest, a walk on along the river, a nap, and a trip to my favorite sewing store. There was even mystery macaroons left at my door by someone with notoriously bad hand writing.


it’s not so bad


I get it. It’s cold. And snowy. And icy. It sucks.

Okay now that we have established that can we just take a second to see how pretty it is. Yesterday I watched feathery snowflakes sift passed our bedroom window. The cats were laid out on the bed and the view outside was charming. I chose to walk to work last week cause I figured it was better than driving downtown on slick roads to drop off and pick up Mark. It proved to be good for my soul to experience winter in it’s fullest. It will also make those first warm days of spring that much sweeter.




feigning autumn





This would be the fifth annual apple picking trip (and probably the fifth blog post about it). The details remain the same as years past.

We made the trip a little early, inspired by bouts of cooler weather. Yet we chose was a hot steamy day to embark. Like years past, my fingers get greedy and before I know it my bag is full. Like so full I can barely carry it and apples are spilling out and maybe I have to borrow someone else’s bag. How do people refrain from picking ALL the apples!?

As I write, the smell of cooked apples gets stronger (recipes coming soon). It smells like autumn in here. But there are still a couple of weeks left of summer and I’m glad. There are still things to be crossed off before the leaves fall.

this and that

Our finicky Mary got pretty sick and gave us a good scare. | She is feeling better now though and is starting to get back to her crabby self.

Said bye to our friend Anna who is heading off to Grad School. Can’t wait to go visit her! | Who knew that basketballs are a babies best friend.

Mama Sue came to visit and we spent a beautiful day walking the zoo (maybe not the best idea after running 13 miles) | Taken to eating lunch at the nearby park. It makes my packed lunch seam a lot fancier.

Balloon Toss competition at our friends birthday party (Mark almost won – almost doesn’t count). | There was also a dangerously large fire and I realized that I have become a total mom cause it scared the crap out of me.

Mark hates selfies. | This girl can’t get enough.



Summer is not complete without a corn dog, funnel cake, & lemonade shake-up meal plan, followed by paying to be hoisted hundreds of feet in the air by creaky metal parts. Every year I try to force Mark into taking me to the State Fair and every year he refuses. So I was thrilled when Jesse volunteered herself to my day of stomachache inducing, manure smelling fun.

it. was. great.










work update

work things

work walk

work dog

It’s great. There is endless coffee and beautiful things. The walk there is magical and sweet dogs often visit. I found a lovely book of poetry propping up our jewelry case and can not stop reading it aloud to Mark. Pop in and I’ll pick out something wonderful that you should definitely buy.


columbus sky line

Remember how I had that 2013 goal to run a half marathon? Well I decided that this year has been going so great that I might as well run the full thing. It was suppose to be an impulse sign up, something I did so quickly that I didn’t have time to second guess myself. Like ripping off a band aid. But then the application had all these questions like “What is your estimated finish time” and “Is this your first marathon”. It’s probably best that I had to face the facts before coughing up the entry fee.

columbus bike trail

canopy of trees

santa maria

Warning: gushing about Columbus AGAIN.

How awesome is my training course?! This city has one of the best trails that runs from downtown all the way up into the burbs. It follows the river and most parts are shaded with a canopy of trees. I feel like I am in a true life fairy tale on my runs. There are bunnies, floppy bridges, squawking geese, and a ship… A SHIP!!

cha cha cha chaaaaanges


“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” – J.B. Priestly

Written inside of a lovely going away card from my co-work/friend of two years. This past week I started a new job at Store Manager at Tigertree and am really enjoying the change. The decision to make this move was tremendously difficult, luckily I had a panel of friends that unanimously decided for me. In just a week I have learned so much about running a small business and I can’t wait to see where this leads.

If your in Columbus come visit me at the store!

Come visit

When we moved to L.A. we thought that it was the end of seeing our friends. We were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to convince people to cough up a plane ticket and show up at our doorstep. It’s not so easy now that we are back in Columbus and I’m always trying to convince people that it really is awesome here. So it’s nice when someone else does the work for me…

This Is Columbus from Smith Bites on Vimeo.

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