an impractical guide to dealing with infertility

Buy a Convertible (I did)

*DISCLAIMER* Infertility is seriously heavy stuff. I have only had to deal with trying to conceive/keep a pregnancy for twelve months and I completely understand that that’s nothing compared to what others have gone through. This post is not to make light the condition but rather a personal reprieve from all that heaviness.

• Stay out as late as you want

• Sleep in as long as you like

• Go ahead purchase that $200 {insert something totally ridiculous} because if you did have a baby that wouldn’t even be a weeks worth of child care.

• Buy a convertible (see example above)

• Stay in the shower until the hot water runs out

• Then spend an hour doing your hair

• Then post those pictures of your awesome hair and pretend like “it was nothing”

• Celebrate every night with your partner as “date night”

• Go see a movie

• then just stay and see another one cause you can

• Put all your breakables in easy reach

• Travel abroad

• Make a signature cocktail for each day of the week (Moscow Mule Monday, Tequila Tuesday, etc.)

• Rub all of your friends pregnant bellies like they are good luck charms (with permission of course!)


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