babes in woodland





The plan was to head south and visit a little town that apparently everyone in Ohio has either been educated or drunk in. Or a mixture of both. But the weather report was gloomy and even the cutest town didn’t sound appetizing in the rain. So we stayed put and Jesse had the brilliant idea to take a hike through Highbanks Metro Park, an old favorite of hers.

We skipped the trails and instead walked upstream along the creek finding these incredible fossil formations along the way. There were also swarms of tiny bugs that really wanted to live deep inside our eye sockets, a thousand tad poles, and one GIANT momma spider that Jesse and I almost smashed while jumping over this log. If you look closely at the photo you can see her egg sack (AGHIGHSHKGDJ!!) that she was guarding with her life. We talked about my childhood where I spent much of my free time playing in the woods behind our house unattended and how our children would probably not have such an opportunity. And how terribly depressing that is. After that we ran back down stream singing “Colors of the Wind” ’cause life is too short to be depressed.


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