100 happy days


Maybe you’ve seen this challenge floating around on Facebook or Instagram but in case you haven’t the gist is that you post one photo a day of something that makes you genuinely happy for 100 days. Usually I don’t participate in this sort of thing cause honestly I find it silly. However one of my three resolutions this year is to be more appreciative of all the things in my life. This seamed like a great way to work on that. You can follow it in my Instagram feed below.

Last year was a bumpy one. I was pushing against the current of every day life and it left me exhausted and unsatisfied. It took me a while to figure out why and how to solve it but in the end I realized that my attitude just sucked. Things that normally made me happy I took for granted and I got a bad cause of keeping-up-with-the-Jones. The fact is that my life is already filled with so many wonderful people and things. Within just a month of focusing on that I already feel more satisfied and have lost that desire to accumulate more and more.


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